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Who we are

ARi Partners brings together a highly qualified team with a passion for architecture and design. Established in 1999, ARi Partners has completed projects in Guam, CNMI, Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific Region.

The Firm's Owner and Managing Principal is Neil Paynter, A.I.A., A.R.B, who began his career in London. The firm has a core staff of project architects, technical staff, and interns, who are tested and proven to deliver.

Our portfolio demonstrates our experience with a wide range of clients, services and project types and our calculated approach allows us to manage every project type effectively and consistently.

We believe that Commitment, Consistency, Transparency, and Innovation is the best way to ensure that our clients' goals are met.

Global Perspective

Our success stems from our commitment to design and planning and the goals and mission of the client. We are an integrative team of professionals in architecture, interior design and planning and produce the very best product for our clients.


In an industry that is not always evidential, we understand that maintaining open communication with clients and contractors ensures project success.


By utilizing proven design processes, tools and technology we can ensure a consistent product and timeline every time.

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